Geometry Dash

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About Geometry Dash

There is a rhythm game called Geometry Dash. If you are a player who records every sound, what are you doing? You are going to be able to achieve victory.

How to play Geometry Dash game:

Geometry Dash is a game with quite simple controls but requires quick reflexes and high concentration.

Your goal is to maneuver the small square shape through many obstacles and reach its destination on each screen.

Game mechanics

  • To get started, simply tap the screen or use the spacebar to launch your square shape.
  • As the square moves, you need to tap continuously to make it jump over obstacles such as spikes, walls and other obstacles.
  • The timing of the pressing must be precise, otherwise the square will collide and you will have to start from the beginning.
  • Each time you touch a destination, you will win a golden circle and unlock new levels.

Flexible according to changes

  • Additionally, in some levels, your square shape will transform into other shapes such as circles or triangles, requiring you to change the controls accordingly.
  • Geometry Dash has increased difficulty, requiring patience and continuous practice.

By regularly playing and trying to complete levels, you will improve your reflexes and become more proficient in this game. Let's challenge yourself and become a good Geometry Dash gamer!

Controls Guide

  • Use mouse

Click left or right to jump

  • Use the keyboard

Up arrow to jump

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