3D Free Kick World Cup 18

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About 3D Free Kick World Cup 18

3D Free Kick World Cup 18 is a new improved soccer game. Players are very excited to receive a direct free kick in an international soccer tournament.

How to play this game

In a virtual World Cup-style competition, players can select from a variety of national teams.

Accurately striking the ball and scoring goals from free kick scenarios are the goals.

The player must align their stance, modify the shot's strength and curve, and precisely time the stroke to win.

The ball's trajectory is affected by a number of variables, such as wind, goalie positioning, and wall placement.

Players encounter more difficult free kick situations and more proficient opponents as they advance through the competition.

Features in this game

  • The game simulates the mechanics of free kick shooting with realistic physics and 3D visuals.
  • To aid players in assessing and refining their free kick technique, the game provides a variety of camera angles and replay capabilities.

Football fans' skill-based experience that lets them show off their prowess with free kicks on a virtual field.

Controls Guide

Hold down the left mouse button and drag towards the goal to kick the ball into the net
Move the mouse to adjust the direction the ball moves into the net after kicking the ball toward the goal

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