Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is an uphill driving game under the control of the player himself. With unique pixel graphics, this is the most popular game today.

How to play game

In today's environment, vehicles are everywhere. Virtual driving games can help young people learn quickly. The interface starts with a very simple level. The path to the finish line at this level is extremely short. Next are the forward and reverse control methods of the vehicle. The purpose is to help you initially get acquainted with the game.

More interesting on the third level is the horizontal bridge element. It is not passive but will sway when there is impact from the car. But it cannot stop you from conquering this path.

The fun will continue to increase as you move to the next level. A path will be crossed. Accelerating to fly through this road can cause the car to overturn. It was a spectacular turn.

Features of Drive Mad

  • Drive Mad is an easy game to grasp: it exposes players to levels ranging from easy to difficult.
  • Graphics: Fresh and attractive with bold eye-catching colors.
  • Excitement through levels: Space changes and vehicles are continuously upgraded through each level. This is quite a big plus.

Then there is another interesting journey. Perhaps it should be the players themselves who discover these interesting things.

Controls Guide

Keyboard operation

  • Move using the WDX keys or the left and right arrows
  • Move backward using the SAZ keys or Down arrow, Left arrow

Mouse operation

  • You can also click to move forward or backward

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