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About eParkour

EParkour is to use your acrobatic abilities to navigate through urban landscapes. The goal of the thrilling free-running, parkour-inspired game.

In order to get past obstacles and finish each level, players must use quick thinking and parkour skills including wall-running, vaulting, and precision jumping.

How to Utilize EParkour

Choose the level you wish to try before you begin playing EParkour. Each of the levels' distinct cityscape settings has its own set of difficulties and barriers that must be surmounted.

Next, before moving, please survey the area and make a plan for your journey.

To keep your flow through the level, you'll need to neatly chain together these movements, thus timing and momentum are crucial.

One of the main parkour skills in EParkour is wall running. Running up to a wall and pressing the action button as soon as you get there is how to wall run.

Before having to jump off, your character will run a short distance up the wall. Wall running is a technique for getting over obstacles on the ground and reaching higher locations.

Several game tips

Vaulting is yet another crucial ability. Holding the jump button while approaching a low obstacle will provide you momentum; when the time is right, release it to launch yourself over the obstacle. You can proceed through the level at your current pace thanks to this.

Precision leaps necessitate greater caution and focus. These are the lengthy spaces between platforms that require precisely timed jumps to be cleared.

Take your time approaching, assess the distance, and then give the jump your all. If you wait, you will miss the landing.

Obstacles and traps

  • The obstacles and tasks get increasingly complicated as you go through the stages, requiring you to quickly combine several parkour methods.
  • Since the levels are meant to inspire creativity, feel free to explore and carve out your own routes through each setting.

Practice, practice, and more practice are the keys to mastering EParkour. Spend some time honing your parkour abilities, analyzing your routes, and replaying stages. You'll be moving quickly and gracefully through metropolitan environments if you put in the necessary effort.

Controls Guide

Move using the AWSD keys or the arrow keys.
Jump up using the spacebar key

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