Football Legends 2021

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About Football Legends 2021

Football Legends 2021 replicates professional football. The game lets users control famous footballers, teams, and clubs from around the world.

How to play Football Legends 2021

In the game's extensive career mode, users may design their own unique player and mentor them as they progress through the professional football ranks.

  • Players can rise from lowly beginnings at the junior academies to become superstars, collecting numerous awards and honors in the process.
  • With sophisticated physics-based ball handling, passing, and shooting techniques, the gameplay itself is incredibly realistic.
  • Gamers can use a variety of deft moves and cunning tactics to outmaneuver their rivals.

Features in Football Legends 2021

  • A feature-rich online multiplayer component in the game lets users compete against people all around the world.
  • With its authentic venues, match-day atmospheres, and finely detailed player models, Football Legends 2021 is a visually spectacular game.
  • A variety of licensed songs that are featured on the game's soundtrack add to the immersive football experience.

All things considered, Football Legends 2021 is an essential game for any fan of the beautiful game, providing a realistic and captivating simulation.

Controls Guide

Player 1

Move with AWSD keys
V - supershot
B shot

Player 2

Move with arrow keys
K - supershot
L - shot

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