Gravity Soccer 3

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About Gravity Soccer 3

Gravity Soccer 3 is the name of a soccer game that is based on the principles of physics. In this game, you kick the ball into the goal while feeling gravity.

How to play Gravity Soccer 3

In Gravity Soccer 3 you will have to take turns dribbling the ball into the goal by breaking the bricks below the balls. Then, the ball will fall one by one and follow the path into the goal.

Try to touch the given stars to achieve the highest score possible. Levels containing higher challenges will gradually be unlocked after you complete your highest unlocked level.

Game tips for Gravity Soccer 3:

  • Learn the controls: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the player and the spacebar or other buttons to kick the ball.
  • Keep the ball: Avoid losing it to the other team. Move the ball forward with short, crisp passes to score.
  • Time your shots: Watch the goalkeeper and goal angle to improve your chances of scoring.
  • Utilize environment: Take use of the game's gravity. Bounce the ball off walls or use the environment to produce surprising shots or passes.
  • Strategically defend: Position your player to block passing paths and intercept the ball. Limit fouls and penalties by timing tackles and challenges.
  • To maintain performance during the game, monitor your players' stamina and substitute or rest them as needed.
  • Try alternative methods: Try different playstyles, such aggressive or defensive, to find what works for you and the game.
  • Practice and learn from your mistakes: Assess your game and identify areas for growth. Practice and study to improve your Gravity Soccer 3 skills.

To succeed in Gravity Soccer 3, you must understand the game's physics-based principles and construct a planned offensive and defense.

Controls Guide

Use mouse to control the ball

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