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About International Super Animal Soccer

International Super Animal Soccer is an online multiplayer soccer game. In exciting football matches, participants control animal characters.

How to engage in this game

  • A wide variety of animal athletes, each with special skills and playstyles, are included in the game, such as foxes, kangaroos, pandas, and more.
  • The aim is to achieve victory by scoring goals and outwitting your rivals. Players can shoot, pass, and dribble the ball using simple controls as they try to outwit and outplay their opponents.
  • Many other game modes are available in the game, such as 1v1 encounters, 2v2 team clashes, and tournament-style tournaments.

Benefits of the game

  • The colorful and lively graphics of the game, along with the oddball animal characters, make for a delightful and captivating soccer experience.
  • As they go, players can add additional characters to their teams and customize them, giving the gaming a more strategic and personalized feel.

A playful and enjoyable take on the beautiful game, International Super Animal Soccer is a fun and approachable sports game that appeals to casual and competitive gamers.

Controls Guide

Change player

To switch the player you're controlling, use Tab or L.


  • Use WASD or L to attack the target.
  • To tackle an opponent and take the ball away from them, press L or B.

Move on

Use WASD or L to aim, then press J or A to pass.


  • Aim and fire by utilizing the WASD or L keys.
  • Press K or X to initiate firing.
  • The length of time you hold the thing will directly affect its efficacy.


  • Over time, the ball will accumulate energy.
  • To drive the opposition off the field, shoot it at them!


  • Exercise caution!
  • The ball's energy will erupt at you if you don't release it at your opponents!

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