About is a browser-based first-person shooter game. The game is designed to be played quickly while also providing an engaging experience.


  • The shooting experience on is incredibly easy and quick to play.
  • To destroy opponents, players will be armed with a variety of weaponry, such as sniper rifles and submachine guns.
  • The game moves quickly, so players must be nimble and precise in their movements.

Modes of game

Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Infection, and normal game types are available on The game becomes more engaging and less monotonous.


Customizing characters is one of's other noteworthy features. Players are free to customize their look by switching up their attire, weaponry, and accessories.

This is a characteristic that appeals to the player as well as one that helps to foster their individuality and inventiveness. has swiftly gained popularity among players worldwide due to its various benefits. The game offers thrilling gameplay and a thriving community. One of the best FPS web browser games is

The game's primary features are as follows:

  • The gameplay is straightforward but thrilling: players smash opponents with a variety of weaponry. The game moves quickly, so you'll need to have exceptional accuracy and reflexes.
  • Pixelated graphics: The pixelart graphic style used by gives it a dynamic yet nostalgic vibe.
  • Several Game Modes: There are several game modes available in this game, such as Infection, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Capture the Flag.
  • Character Customization: By altering their attire, armaments, and accessories, players can personalize their characters.
  • Creative mode: Gamers can make maps and share them with the community in addition to the online play mode.
  • Features of Crypto Technology: By utilizing blockchain technology, enables users to get paid for taking part in events and finishing in-game challenges.

To put it briefly, is an elegant first-person shooter game that is straightforward yet imaginative, making it a great choice for fans of the web gaming environment.

Controls Guide

  • Use ASWD to convert
  • Mouse – Move space 360 degrees and aim weapons
  • Right click – Aim down sight: Narrow the sight for better targeting. The damage/range meter will fill when right-clicking on a Runner class or melee weapon. After filling the bar, melee weapons can deal the most damage and travel distance.Left Click – Fire Weapon: It attacks continuously in Runner and allows support team members to change props in Prop Hunt.
  • The R button reloads the weapon.
  • Space—Jump
  • E: Use your secondary weapon.

This tab displays the scoreboard of the match.

List of Windows players

Alternative: Player List opens the lobby player list and allows you to call KPD, vote, and ban and kick players as the host.

  • If you have Premium, hold F and scroll to select the spray.
  • The X key launches an animation to check your weapon's sheath.
  • G: Weapon Pickup Map Your current weapon will be converted to the weapon you are picking up.
    Drop weapons.
  • Enter-Chat (unless Game Settings disable it).
    Enables voice chat
  • F—Spectator mode
    As a member of the prop team, you can taunt the prop hunters with numbers.
  • Crouching by shifting to the left stabilizes the target and reduces the reticle. Your jump will be shorter and lower.
  • Mouse wheel—Swap weapons
  • Use your melee weapon.