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About Magic Soccer

Magic Soccer is a fun and addictive soccer game with a magical twist. This game lets you control a mystical ball that can score goals and defeat opponents.

How to play Magic Soccer

  • Adapted from the world's top sports genre. The greatest free online sports game is Magic Soccer. Suitable for all ages and not easy to miss.
  • In Magic Soccer you will control the balls with a very simple control method. Levels will gradually open as you pass the assigned tasks in each level. Destroy obstacles placed on the field. You'll need a lot more strategy to get through quickly!

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Features of Magic Soccer

  • Graphics with a style that is both simple, novel and attractive
  • Sound is also the main factor that contributes to increasing the passion for players who love this sport.
  • Play with friends in any arena you want

Showcasing your strategy is the perfect thing to do. Good luck and discover many tricks in the game!

Controls Guide

Use mouse to control the ball

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