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About Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a role-playing game about a cute brown monkey. At a monkey store, you will be the owner, developer and business of a bigger and bigger store.

How to play Monkey Mart

The beginning is the first move in the monkey boss's booth. The next step is to open booths to store products. Then there are plots of land to grow bananas. This will be the first product placed on the shelf.


  • Obviously the customers in the store will also be mischievous monkeys. When the bananas hit the shelves, the monkey owners (our customers) will come pick them up. Next they will go to the cash register.
  • The monkey boss's task is to go to the cash register and pay them. The checkout process will happen quickly, money will be placed on the table, collect it to upgrade your store.
  • After the banana stall, we can upgrade a few other stalls such as: corn stall, egg stall, milk stall,.....

Support staffs

You can also recruit additional monkey employees to assist you in this sales job

These support monkey employees will also sometimes be lazy and oversleep. Wake them up to continue working

Little tips

Watch more videos to collect more coins and upgrade your store faster.

There will be more monkey thieves appearing when your store is more open. Pay attention to the alarm in the booth and use a broom to sweep them away!


Speed up the monkey boss

  • Initial "Stack LVL1" support will be free. When upgrading this item. The monkey boss will increase his speed significantly when working
  • Upgrade "Stamina, Stack, Speed" for monkey employees: this will greatly help the monkey boss's work. As the number of customers becomes more and more large and the store scale becomes larger. This is extremely necessary.


  • Our monkey boss will become more professional when you help him upgrade. You will also receive your first free hat in the Shop
  • Many upgrades and more attractive booths are waiting for you to explore. Let's play now!

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Controls Guide

Move the monkey using the arrow keys or ASWD keys as instructed in the Monkey Mart game

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