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About Narrow.One

Narrow.One is a simulation archery game. Here players can try their hand at this gentle and relaxing sport. You can play flexibly in all different positions.

How to play Narrow.One

Set in a real archery arena. The surrounding environment is a quite tall and solid castle. Here, take on the role of a professional archer.

Start with challenging practice and don't get discouraged. All the strategy and flexibility will come quickly. The arena will be divided into 2 teams and 2 areas of the green flag team and the red flag team.

Pay attention to your team's color and destroy enemies from other teams. Aiming accurately will help you quickly win.

Upgrade weapons

Many types of bows and arrows with different designs and special styles are waiting for you. Get them!

Map in Narrow.One

Many schools with different scenery such as: FORTS, ALLEYS, FIELDS, RUINS, ARENA,..... extremely interesting and attractive are behind. The attraction will increase even more in these maps!

Log in

  • Please log in to save data while playing!
  • Through this you can make more friends around the world

Advantage of Narrow.One

  • Flexibly changing map graphics increase attraction for players
  • Make friends, socialize and learn more diverse strategies
  • Learn more about the different types of bows and arrows
  • Create completely free fun every day

Narrow.One - a space for never-ending strategies. Good luck with your own match here!

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