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About Penalty Challenge

Penalty Challenge is a competition in which two soccer teams alternate in taking penalty kicks. The goal is to take penalties and score more goals.

The game is played as follows:

  • There are two teams, each with five to ten players.
  • A goalkeeper is positioned before the goal, and a penalty spot is marked on the field.
  • While the other team's goalie defends the goal, the first team chooses a player to take the penalty kick.
  • The team that scores on the penalty kick receives one point.
  • Subsequently, the sides trade places, with the defense team now taking the penalty kick.
  • The teams trade penalty kick attempts to extend the game until a set number of rounds or a time limit are achieved.
  • The team that accumulates the most number of points emerges as the victor following the conclusion of the game.

Features of game

  • The game is easy to grasp and extremely easy to practice
  • Including teams from 32 countries gives players more choices
  • Create meaning in your life with the most basic sport

The Penalty Challenge measures players' accuracy on shots, goalie reflexes, and pressure-filled decision-making. Gamers of all skill levels can enjoy this competitive and enjoyable game.

Controls Guide

Perform a swiping motion to strike the ball with your foot.

Press the screen to seize your adversary's ball.

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