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About Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer is a 2-player sports game where you take control of 3D pill-shaped characters and participate in soccer matches to score the most goals.

How to Play Pill Soccer

Use the controls to move the ball toward the goal. The more you push, the further the ball moves. Players can jump and use their heads to put the ball into the net.

Position yourself correctly and put the ball into your opponent's net to score points.

In addition, you also need to prevent your opponent's kicks.

The winner is the one who gets more points in the round.

Game Modes

  • Quick Matches
  • Two-Player Matches
  • Tournaments

Tips for Success

Practice makes perfect. Start with quick matches to get familiar with the controls and game mechanics.

Develop a defensive strategy: Keep calm when the ball is near your goal. You can slowly move your character backward and jump to be the goalkeeper, preventing the opponent from scoring.

The game has a unique design compared to traditional soccer games. Whether you want to play a quick match or participate in a tournament, the game promises to bring the excitement and joy of being a champion.

Controls Guide

Use the ASWD keys and arrow keys to move players from both teams in the game

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