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About Real Football

The intense mood when the two sides took the field made it feel like Real Football. In a crucial tournament encounter, both teams wanted three points.

The narrative in Real Football

Both teams pressed high up the field and created early opportunities as the game got underway quickly.

The midfield players were engaging in fierce competition to win the ball, with crunching tackles coming from all directions.

The great striker for the host team got room in the box in the fifteenth minute. He sent a powerful shot past the goalie to give his team the advantage.

With fervent flag and scarf waves, the throng let forth a cry of excitement.

The opposition team played well in response, controlling the ball and patiently looking for a gap.

Their efforts were rewarded when their maestro whipped in a precise cross in the 35th minute. It was greeted by a strong header to bring the score even.

A tense, back-and-forth match ensued in the second half as both teams had fantastic chances but were unable to capitalize on them.

The excitement in the stadium increased rapidly as the clock ran out. The home team won a free kick in a risky location in the last seconds.

The home fans went berserk when their captain took a stride forward and curled an unstoppable strike into the top corner.

Soon after, the last whistle rang, and the home team was hanging on for a valiant win.

A classic meeting full of drama, emotion, and excitement, it was an incredible sight for any football fan.

Features of this game

There are many different modes including practice mode. Players can get used to the game and quickly grasp how to play.

Feel free to compete with selected countries and a large list of countries around the world.

Many game modes for players to choose from: SEASONS, MODE, 5V5, FRIENDLY, PENALTY, TRAINING


Controls Guide

  • Feel the pitch: Hurry
  • Touch a teammate or dribbler: Move on.
  • Press the name box: Take aim and shoot

Further details under OPTIONS/CONTROL

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