Slope 3

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About Slope 3

Slope 3 is a fun and addictive mobile game, developed by Voodoo studio. This is a ball rolling game with extremely eye-catching graphics and neon colors.

Slope 3 mechanisms

  • The main goal of Slope 3 is to control a rolling sphere moving forward on a gentle, gentle and sometimes undulating and winding road.
  • The player must use light taps on the screen to control the shuttlecock, avoid collisions with obstacles, and maintain transition speed.
  • Each drop or collision will cause the game to end, forcing the player to start over from the beginning.

Despite only having simple gameplay mechanics, Slope 3 still brings an interesting and challenging experience to players. With increasing difficulty, the game requires concentration and quick reflexes from the player.

Features of Slope 3

  • The graphics in Slope 3 have a style of neon colors that stand out in the dark. Light and dark effects create a fierce battle atmosphere.
  • Besides, the sound is also delicately designed, with the following sounds on the ground and a realistic feeling.
  • Passing the level and achieving a high score will bring a great sense of satisfaction and pride.

Slope 3 is suitable for every corner, especially those who love simple but exciting mobile games. This game can be played quickly during free periods, providing a great entertainment experience on mobile devices.

Note: Click on the screen if the game has not loaded or is loading slowly.

Controls Guide

 Use the WASD arrow keys to move

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