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About Soccer Free Kick

Soccer Free Kick is an exciting soccer game where you get to take free kicks and try to score goals. The goal is to kick the ball into the other team's goal.

How to play Soccer Free Kick

  • Since you are in front of the goal, you are ready for a free kick.
  • To adjust the direction and force of your shot, use your mouse.
  • To hit the ball with the appropriate force and accuracy, time your kick correctly.
  • Aim to score as many goals as you can in the allotted time.

Features of Soccer Free Kick

  • Soccer ball movement and physics that are realistic
  • At several progressively harder levels
  • To make the free kicks more challenging, there are power-ups and impediments.
  • To compete with other players, use the leaderboard.
  • a set of controls that are simple to operate and intuitive

Your ability to shoot accurate free kicks and play soccer are put to the test in this game. For players of all ages, it offers a fun and competitive soccer experience. Try it out and see if you can master the art of the perfect free kick!

Controls Guide

Use mouse to play the game

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