Super Soccer Noggins

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About Super Soccer Noggins

Super Soccer Noggins aims to score as many goals as possible. They were done by controlling a soccer player who jumps and hits the ball with his head.

Description of Super Soccer Noggins

  • Super Soccer Noggins is a completely new upgraded traditional sports game. The playing method is easy to integrate and close to traditional sports.
  • The game is similar to world football. But there is a small difference here: most of the players that the player controls will have quite large heads.
  • The real purpose of these big heads is to use them to hit the ball into the opponent's goal.

The players in Super Soccer Noggins

  • Players can choose teams according to the given countries. Including Poland, Russia, England, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal.
  • In-game features
  • Get to exercise through your favorite sport without having to go to the actual field
  • The 2-player mode can comfortably play with relatives and friends
  • Mode to increase character skills: Rush, Backtrack, Jump, Kick.
  • You can choose the field map

Express yourself with spectacular kicks into the net. Then you will enjoy these moments!

Controls Guide

Player 1

  • W to jump
  • S to kick
  • AD to move

Player 2

  • Up arrow to jump
    Arrow down, X, or Space to kick

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Soccer Games

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