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About Tap Tap Shots

Tap-Tap Shots is an unlimited basketball game that is extremely easy to get addicted to. In this game, you tap the ball to make it leap. If you want to score before the timer runs out, you need to timing your taps properly. Continue continuing for the longest time possible!

Quick tips

  • The ball will continue to move slightly until it reaches the net if you continue to tap. In the event that you fail to hit the ball, it will return from the opposite side.
  • Because each time you score, a new net is produced in a different area, resulting in a never-ending loop that continues until you run out of time.
  • Be sure to precisely time your shots and think quickly in order to avoid running out of time. In the event that you miss, it is essential to click rapidly in order to get back around and try for another shot; however, you must be careful not to overreach anymore!

Controls Guide

Left-click to dunk.

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