About is a survival role-playing game in a forest. When reality is full of traps and opponents around you. Survival always comes first!

Let's start by choosing heroes and weapons before entering the game.


You will be able to use the first 2 hero characters for free: "BOB" and "MABEL". Next, other heroic characters will be gradually opened at higher levels. Corresponding to the characters:

  • JACK level 3
  • Pepper level 7
  • Ray Lv 9
  • Maria Lv 12
  • Victor level 15


Similar to your character, you will also get the first free short Gun shot, which is "BIG BOY". After that, a series of other guns will be opened depending on the level specified by

Collecting lots of gold coins to upgrade weapons is also a strategy that should be set right at the beginning of the game. game modes

Includes 2 modes:

  • BATTLE ROYALE (unlocks at level 5)

Tips in the game

  1. Notice the blue life bar above your hero's head. If it's too little, you should step back and avoid the enemy. Wait for the life bar to recover.
  2. Use random skills in the game to defeat enemies.
  3. Plan out strategies for direct attacks and attacks while hiding wisely

Controls Guide

Move using the ASWD keys or the arrow keys
Click on the fire icon at the bottom right to shoot