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About World Soccer Cup 2018

World Soccer Cup 2018 is a fun and engaging soccer simulation game. It allows you to experience the excitement of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Real World Cup Experience

  • Every team that competed in the 2018 World Cup is represented in the game, along with player likenesses and official uniforms.
  • You can participate in the whole tournament structure, from the group stage to the championship match, by selecting to play as one of the 32 eligible national teams.

Playing a Realistic Game

  • The goal of the game is to simulate soccer as realistically as possible, incorporating precise ball mechanics, player movements, and strategic gameplay.
  • To outmaneuver your opponents and score goals, you'll need to utilize a variety of tactics and techniques.
  • You can even design your team and shirt, or you can decide to play in a particular stadium.

Totally Engaging Presentation

  • The game's superb visuals and animations, complete with realistic stadiums, player models, and audience reactions, perfectly capture the spirit of the World Cup.
  • You truly feel like you're a part of the action thanks to the commentary and sound effects, which further improve the immersive experience.

Playability again

  • The game has a great replay value since it lets you play through the entire World Cup tournament, giving you the chance to experiment with alternative tactics and results.
  • Additionally, you can play in a variety of game styles, like friendly matches or tournament challenges, against friends or the computer.

Every soccer fan who wants to relive the thrill and drama of the 2018 FIFA World Cup must play the World Soccer Cup 2018 game on Fun Games.

Controls Guide

Move the mouse to control direction and kick the ball

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