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About Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer soccer is global. Want to become whatever country's player? They are waiting for you to bring victory to your country!

Mechanics of the game

Play against the computer:

  • Click on the Play Computer icon, the matches compiled together will be started again.

Play online with other players:

  • Click on the play internet icon. Next choose a nickname for yourself.
  • Then there is the match list. Please select the appropriate room to incorporate the forum.


To participate in the game with the other players in the room, you will be required to enter the password if the room is locked.

When you do not choose an apartment, you can create another apartment for yourself.

Advantages of this game

  • Creates a dynamic and exciting gaming experience
  • This mechanic adds tension, strategy, and a higher level of interaction to multiplayer games.
  • Creating a high sports mindset helps players quickly relax into any necessary environment.

Each country's shirt color reflects their country's identity. Always be confident in yourself. You will be the winner

Controls Guide

Execute a sweeping gesture to impact the ball with your foot.

Tap the screen to capture your opponent's ball.

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